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Andhra Pradesh Tourism
Travel to the third largest state of India, Andhra Pradesh and experience its rich culture and heritage.

Andhra Pradesh Travel

Golden beaches, ancient caves, wildlife sanctuaries, archeological museums, magnificent monuments, stunning hill stations, spectacular waterfalls, twirling rivers, Buddhist art & culture are some of the features of the 'Rice Bowl of India', Andhra Pradesh. It's a state that boasts of erstwhile royal period, when the Nawabs used to rule over the region. Amidst the age-old facets, Andhra Pradesh is a place of modern infrastructure as well.

Whether it is Silicon Valley of Hyderabad or ship-building industry at Visakhapatnam, the state has each characteristic that affirm it is technically advanced. At the same time, the people of Andhra Pradesh are fiercely proud of their rich tradition and cultural heritage. It's a land of venerable values, where principles and ethics rule the court of time. Travel to Andhra Pradesh - a state that houses the richest temple of the world at Tirupati.